Intermediate Shaft Repair
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Intermediate Shaft Repair

At HD Motorwekrs alot of our customers have experienced problems with the IMS (Intermediate Shaft). Now new and better solutions are available to fix this chronic problem. Now there is a way to get around the single row ball bearing found in model year 2000-2005 M96 motors.

The amount of “fixes” coming to market for this problem is becoming overwhelming and there are more than a few offering an oil feed option. LN Engineering has been working on their “Solution” for quite a few years and the R & D that went into the product is apparent. Their other product “IMS Retrofit” has proven to be an excellent choice and one we have used in the past. The retrofit product uses ceramic ball bearings proven to excel in a low lubrication environment (Porsche designed the IMS bearing to operate in a sealed state, with no external lubrication), but it is not intended nor expected to last for the “life-time” of the vehicle. The new “Solution” product replaces the ceramic ball bearings with an oil fed plain bearing, similar in operation to the bearings found supporting a crankshaft or camshaft, and is intended to last for the life of the vehicle.

The intermediate shaft is responsible for camshaft rotation through a gear or chain drive depending on the type of engine. The IMS rotates on a bearing that is located below the RMS (Rear Main Seal).

Terrible engine damage could be the result of IMS bearing failure. This bearing tears apart and metal debris goes throughout the motor can cause catastrophic failure and can cause bent valves. It can completely damage a motor value. Our Porsche factory trained technician can resolve this issue and make your Porsche run properly.


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