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Common issues and
maintenance information


Got questions regarding your Porsche vehicle? Feel free to give us a call to see if and what type of maintenance service you require. We can build a maintenance schedule curated to your specific needs.

We will contact you within one business day.


After your warranty expires you still need to keep up with Factory maintenance. Instead of purchasing an overpriced service plan from the dealer. You can get your vehicle serviced at HD Motorwerks, an independent Porsche shop. Our location has Factory trained Porsche technicians that deliver the same or better quality of service as the dealer, at a fraction of the cost!


Regular scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your Porsche in optimal running condition. Whether you drive an air cooled 911 as your daily driver or your GT4 as a weekend track toy, it’s always recommended to have it regularly serviced. At HD Motorwerks, we can design the most optimal maintenance plan based on your usage. Factory maintenance can be broken down to a minor service every 2 years, a major service every 4 years, and other individual services (all depending on your specific Porsche driving conditions). Our independent Porsche repair shop follows factory recommended service schedules. In addition to our own maintenance plans based on vehicle driving conditions.


Whether you have a 911 Carrera, Cayenne, GT3, Boxster, Panamera, or any other awesome Porsche, brakes are a critical component for safety. Common warning signs of bad brakes are as follows:

  • Grinding or screeching sound when stopping
  • Using more pressure than normal to stop your Porsche
  • Stopping is delayed when pushing on your brakes
  • Brake warning light on
  • Vibration when braking hard
  • Soft or spongy brake pedal

If you notice any of those symptoms we highly recommend you give us a call and schedule an appointment to get your brakes checked. We can inspect your brake system for proper operation and any signs of wear or damage. And if appropriate we can do a brake service, which includes replacing brake pads, rotors, and sensors.


At HD Motorwerks, our factory trained technicians deliver dealer quality service at a reasonable price. Our 17+ years of experience has been translated into precise work and intelligent service. Our reviews is a testament to our consistent quality of work that you would expect from the dealer. Not only can we care for your Porsche we offer a variety of fun upgrades with either Porsche Genuine parts or high quality upgraded parts. Even though other places don’t recommend upgraded parts, we are here for you and we can help you boost your performance, how you want it! Other independent Porsche repair shops simply don’t carry the same passion that we have to make your Porsche experience the best. We service a wide variety of Porsches from 930 Turbos, Boxsters, 996 Carreras, Cayennes, Macans, Panameras and high performance GT2/GT3/GT4. We have years of experience and we would never recommend a service that is not necessary or needed.



One of the key components of caring for your Porsche is regular scheduled Oil Changes. Further details on your specific Porsche’s oil change schedule can be found in your Porsche Owner’s Manual. We recommend performing an oil change every year if the vehicle is not driven much. If you’re driving your Porsche aggressively or hard we strongly recommend scheduling your oil changes sooner. Some of the signs that your vehicle needs an immediate oil change are the following:

  • Oil change or service engine light is on
  • Dirty oil present on the dipstick. Engine oil should be somewhat translucent and have an amber color. With regular use, the oil in your engine gets coarser and darker.
  • Has been longer than 1 year since your last oil change

Ideally, you should never want to see any of these symptoms. At HD Motorwerks, we can stay on top of it and let you know when it’s the right time to bring your vehicle in for an oil change.


Why deal with time-consuming repairs when they can be prevented? HD Motorwerks can fix any issue caused by poor maintenance. But we want our customers to enjoy their Porsche as much as they can. With scheduled maintenance your Porsche will not only perform better, it will stay on the road where it belongs. Porsche’s are meant to be driven and enjoyed!

If you enjoy driving your Porsche and want to keep it on the road as much as possible simply bring your vehicle to HD Motorwerks to schedule a service and/or inspection.

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